August 23, 2008

UPDATE- August 23: Barely a month old, and Operation Itch is off to a running start thanks to everyone’s support. You have been sharing the video’s, telling people about the site, and networking to get the word out. If you have not already done so- please share the McCain- Obama challenge with all of your friends & all of your enemies.

What does Operation Itch do? 1- Promotes Indy and third party candidates running for national or local office; 2- Produce videos like the popular Hermit with Davis Fleetwood; 3- Produces political ads; 4-maintain an active blog to share other video’s and articles of interest.

It’s a full time gig, an operation of one (currently)- and donations help me continue doing what I do.

So- I have been humbled to receive the donations that have been coming in. Thank you.

Just $560 left to meet the modest August fundraising goal. If you like the message of Operation Itch, please consider a donation today:

Click to DONATE NOW 

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