September 2, 2008

As Glenn Greenwald and others have been documenting, the police tactics at the RNC don’t look like the America most people want to think that they live in. Then again, most of America is not paying attention. What does Amy Goodman getting arrested for covering protests at  the RNC this have to do with Impeachment? I’ll try to make my case in the video below.

Visit KUCINICH.US to sign the petition today. Then grab this link- and send it to 100 and ask them to send it another 100:

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  1. Fantastic!!!

  2. Man,

    Excellent Video!

    As I watched Amy get arrested, I felt so pissed off. Of all people.

    Then her comment about the cop equating the bloody nose he gave Amy’s producer to getting knifed (on the job? Forty years ago??? Whatever, whenever?) This country has virtually fallen apart at the seams and if people don’t sign this impeachment petition, they are complicit in the final nail put in America’s coffin.

  3. Again, what is the difference between the Beijing transition to cameras from tanks to cause people to self-censor and not react to injustice and the RNC/DNC camera/combat troop deployment to cause the people to self-censor and not react to injustice?

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