Derivative Markets and the 2nd Great Depression

September 19, 2008

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questions for the comments: 1. Who the hell can shed some light on this derivative market thing? 2. Is the current crisis the start of a a depression, or just a normal bump in the free market road? 3. Investment tips? 4. Is the Hermit video making style derivative of any other? 5. AC/DC- lover em or hate em?

Also – I notice there are some newbies here. If you are wondering what all of this is about, read below the fold:


Part reporting, part activism, always entertaining, Operation Itch is for Americans and interested citizens of the world who have had enough of Democrats and Republicans, who are desperate for real news mixed with quality entertainment that demands critical thinking and action. 

What we do-

Launched on July 28, 2008, Operation Itch is part Political Action Committee (imagine if “Moveon.org” was not so intent on kissing the Democratic party’s ass) and part political entertainment (think The Colbert Report). We produce a daily video news/ entertainment program- THE HERMIT WITH DAVIS FLEETWOOD.
Hell yes, the show is biased. The show caters to the majority of Americans. To the majority of us who want things that neither their Democratic or Republican leaders will provide them with, such as-
– A reversal of America’s murderous policy of preemptive war
– Peace in the Middle East
– Bring the troops home/ don’t instigate war with Iran
– A single payer health care system that provides healthcare for all
– A serious commitment to alternative energy
– Impeachment of the world’s leading War criminals: George Bush and Dick Cheney
– A Crackdown on corporate crime
– Open and fair debates
Operation Itch will also collect and distribute news articles and commentary that our audience will be interested in. Check our blog daily.

Your donations support this work of Operation Itch. Enjoy the videos? Think that they work done here is urgent? Consider a donation. Thank you- D
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  1. Or, “are other words” I could learn a little skill called “proofreading.”

  2. Some geeky math types also refer to derivatives in calculus… with a similar fundamental meaning to the art world’s definition- implying one thing’s being derived from another (in the math case a second function is derived from the slope of the terms of an original one). I’m only throwing that out there, but looking at this word makes me wonder if “derivative markets” is another word for “middle men.” I bet. Fuckers.

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