Vice Pres Candidate Matt Gonzalez on Biden-Palin “debate”

October 3, 2008


  1. Since the 2000 election Ralph Nader has dozens of fund raisers for the green party at his expense. In addition he gives lots of speeches in universities all over the country to try and encourage young people civically involved. He still speaks out about consumer and worker issues as he always has. However you never hear about any of this because the corporate media will not cover anything he does. In addition to not being heard Washington has essentially shut out citizens from being able to affect change like Ralph Nader used to be able to do during the 60s and 70s.

    After this election is over Ralph Nader wants to start organizing congress watchdog groups of about 2000 people in every district. The goal of these groups is to watch congress and to make sure that they are working for the people instead of their corporate paymasters. This would help strengthen the viability of alternative party candidates and help get them into our government when the corporate candidates fail.

  2. My question is why doesn’t Ralph Nader, who claims to want to fix this country make no general efforts between each presidential election to build a viable third party and work to get viable third party candidates into government? Ralph’s ego is overwhelming and completely off putting.

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