Three Way Vice Presidential Debate – Palin, Biden, Gonzalez

October 7, 2008

Vice Presidential Candidate Matt Gonzalez was barred from the 2008 Vice Presidential Debate hosted by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) on October 2nd, just as Independent Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader was barred from the first Presidential CPD Debate on September 26th.

If you’d like to see all major candidates participate in a debate please visit:

Spread this video along and help them reach their goal of 10,000 pledges today!

Video created by Manila Ryce

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One comment

  1. Remember,
    you MUST take one of the candidates who forced you to pay for the Wall Street bailout.

    “The two parties should be
    almost identical, so that
    the American people can
    ‘throw the rascals out’
    at any election without
    leading to any profound or
    extensive shifts in policy.”
    -Carol Quigley

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