10.10.08- the scratch: FRINGE PEOPLE

October 10, 2008

by Dennis Trainor, Jr (more scratch)
So called FRINGE PEOPLE in Maryland started receiving letters from the state police yesterday that read something like- Um, you have been on a terror watch list for the past few years, but we wanna take you off, can you come on down to talk about it?   (continued below video)

As reported in yesterdays WASHINGTON POST, “The Maryland State Police classified 53 nonviolent activists as terrorists and entered their names and personal information into state and federal databases that track terrorism suspects, the state police chief acknowledged yesterday.”

The records of individuals are to be purged.

The police Superintendent, Thomas B. Sheridan said protest groups were also entered as terrorist organizations in the databases, but his staff has not identified which ones.

At the same hearing,  the former state police superintendent who authorized the operation, Thomas E. Hutchins, defended the program saying it was a bulwark against potential violence and called the activists “fringe people.”

Oh no he didn’t.

One well-known fringe person, the antiwar activist from Baltimore, Max Obuszewski, was singled out in the intelligence logs released by the ACLU, which described a “primary crime” of “terrorism-anti-government” and a “secondary crime” of “terrorism-anti-war protesters.”

Thank you Patriot Act. Anti war = “terrorism, anti government”. Thank you Barack Obama & John McCain for voting to re-authorize such a fine law.

But before you bust out yo pimped out BENZ and cruise the neighborhood testing the limits of the sub woofers you gots poppin out yo trunk blaring NWA’ S classic “Fuck the police” consider this:

In the 2nd most populous county in the country- Cook County Illinois- the Sheriff has refused to evict tenants at the behest of banks. Sheriff Tom Dart has, in essence unilaterally put a moratorium on foreclosures.

Sheriff Dart said it is not his job to QUOTE to carry out work on behalf of the multi-billion-dollar banks and mortgage industries.

He explained: Too many times, our deputies arrive at a home to carry out a mortgage foreclosure eviction, only to find a tenant — dutifully paying their rent each month — who is unaware their landlord stopped using that rent money to pay the mortgage. They had no fair warning that they were about to be thrown out of their home.

We won’t be doing the banks’ work for them anymore.

Well HAZZAA to you Sheriff Dart.

But wait.

Remember Northern Command. The folks who brought you the those awkwardly timed drills that were supposed to simulate a domestic terror attack on the very day, 9/11. That we had an actual terror attack? As of OCT 1st, Northern Command is in charge – for the first time ever- of its own battalion of U.S. Army personnel deployed – right here on American soil, to quote “quell domestic disturbances” among other duties.

The future is so bright. I gotta wear shades.

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