Lesser of two evils

October 23, 2008

Today let’s respond to Noam Chomsky who talked with Paul Jay of the Real News Network recently, and among other things said that there was nothing wrong with voting for the lesser of two evils- especially if you live in a swing state.    (more from THE HERMIT)


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  1. uh- pursue

  2. (make those plurals, not possessives there)

  3. If McCain wins after all your efforts here, we are going to be clusterfucked for sure. Now, these are just the sorts of efforts we need to pursue the day after the election (It is too late for Nader’s and Kucinich’s this round- reality- blame anyone of a thousand reasons.) Yes, change the corporate rule. It will be easier to sue under an Obama administration than under a McCain one.

    Davis- Kucinich himself is endorsing Obama, not Nader.

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