Will Joe the plumber bring Obama down?

October 29, 2008


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  1. Oh, heh – re: the tax issue – flat taxes vs. progressive taxes. To be honest, I’m not sure where I land. Truthfully I don’t think I understand enough of how the complex intricacies of taxes work to form an educated opinion on the topic. My take is much more watered down simplicity, “With great wealth comes great responsibility.” To me that’s not socialism, it’s a basic tenet of being a HUMANE human.

  2. I love your work and like ‘Graham’ commented – money is tight. I absolutely think you’re worth skipping a lunch time cheeseburger for though and next week when the hubby gets his check I plan to donate a few bucks. (Sorry it can’t be more.) The hardest thing for me isn’t that there aren’t places that are definitely worth donating to – it’s the fact that there are quite a number of them and HOW does one pick, with limited funds – which ones to support. 😦 Good luck with your audition!

  3. Davis, I love the blogs and I’d love to donate, yet being a “middle-class” individual college-paying Canadian citizen, living in a country whose economy, and dollar for that matter, isn’t doing so hot… It makes it hard for me to contribute. Please continue to do a great job with the website and I thank you for giving us all a different viewpoint on American politics and how retarded it can be sometimes.

  4. Oh, and stick to the script.

  5. The Rove-ian background players don’t seem to be working hard enough to suppress votes and Swift Boat Barack to death. It seems like Team Mccain is saying, “Let’s let this one go.” That’s why I think he may just pull this one off. Although this poor bastard, if he wins, will be cleaning up the most gigantic fuck up in history, we only need to wait 4 more years for the REAL threat of a Sarah Palin presidency. Davis, I’ll donate when I get paid. I hope funding you can be considered doing my part.

  6. At first I thought it might. But I will be really amazed (and likely VERY upset… WORSE than in 2000 in McCain/Palin wins. The fact that I still do not believe that the establishment really understand their own racist side. Who ever wins, there is going to be a big reaction. Think about it. It was just 10 years ago that Matthew Shepard and James Boyd were viciously murdered by Nazi type mentalities.
    I think I mis-judged the American populous character. Will someone paid for me to go live in Spain??? Just kidding sort of.

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