FRONTLINE | The Choice 2008 (full episode) | PBS

October 30, 2008

FRONTLINE’s critically acclaimed series “The Choice” returns this election season to examine the rich personal and political biographies of John McCain and Barack Obama in “The Choice 2008.” The film draws on in-depth interviews with the advisers, friends and those closest to the candidates, as well as with seasoned observers of American politics, who together tell the definitive story of these men and their ascent to their party’s nominations.

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  1. This is awesome Davis. I feel better, I think (?). There’s more depth to these guys that I didn’t know existed: reasons that they’ve had to do as they’ve done in order to make it as far as they have. If we get Obama, I only hope some of his previous ideologies, balancing act effectiveness, etc do help us. If Nader loses, I’m wanton to blame him for not doing what it took to get that far; but he’s chosen to not “play the game” I guess, and more of me respects that (choosing not to get in under false pretenses). Maybe Obama will be our link to Nader; he’ll be a stepping stone, let’s say. Nader would be a total and utter shock to our country’s universal energy, you know? It’s all a matter of people not expecting much from our politicians, and resisting change all the while speaking that they’re for it. Obama will hopefully ready “us” as a whole for someone much more willing to create universal change in our next election.

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