4 days to go before the election & Obama’s foreign policy still equals the Bush doctrine

October 31, 2008


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  2. I am a VERY hesitant Obama supporter – never have voted democrat before (always third party), and not sure I’m doing this right thing supporting him…it’s come down to who I can stomach listening to for the next 8 years. My hope, though, is that if politicians are liars, Obama is just pretending to be a hawk because he won’t be elected if he doesn’t, but I suspect/know that this isn’t true. He’s going to send more troops to Afghanistan. Whether he wants to or not, he’ll probably be duped into invading Iran. And calling Hugo Chavez our “enemy?” Oh boy.

    It’s so depressing, when I sit and think about it. That this guy is being viewed as “too radical” by the right-wingers…and I know that we won’t get real change in this country until we’re all standing in bread lines and selling our organs to rich cancer patients. By then, of course, it will be a bit too late.

  3. from one of the “simpleminded folk”

    I hear Obama’s speeches and my heart swells and tears come to my eyes. So many of us in this country, in spite of our inherent differences seem to agree on one important issue – a need for change. His words are like small sips of cool water to a desert wanderer. But one does have to wonder, given his strange and very “centrist” like stance on policies (actions not words) if he will not be more like a Politician and less like a man of and for the people like we all seem to hope. One does have to wonder on his complicity, for example, in the bailout plan or why he signed on to the new FISA bill (without preconditions – pun intended) in spite of, during his primary campaigning declaring differently. Is he going to be just another smooth talking politician (say it ain’t so Barry) with little to offer the great “unwashed masses” of non-connected, non-wealthy, hardworking Americans? The feeling I get is actually much more horrid than hope – it’s the sense that I desperately (yes, I said desperately) WANT to believe the words, but secretly am nauseous that I have indeed only myself to blame for “drinking the obvious kool-aid). I want to believe but my own life has taught me only too well that if it sounds too good to be true, it ALWAYS is.

  4. facts, just facts, only facts should really scare you


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