Cindy Sheehan debates Nancy Pelosi at KQED

November 1, 2008

Having refused to be a guest on KQED´s public affairs program Forum because she was not allowed equal time, America´s leading peace activist Cindy Sheehan audaciously called in to the program this morning to get a chance to address House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Upon stating that Nancy Pelosi has ducked her responsibility of meeting with her San Francisco constituents since 2006, the impatient program host, Michael Krasny, interrupted Cindy to prod her to ask the question his call screeners had agreed to. In all, Cindy Sheehan was granted less than 40 seconds to speak, and was not allowed to respond to Nancy Pelosi´s answer. Cindy Sheehan is running against Nancy Pelosi for California´s District 8 Congressional Seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Written by Robert Livingston. Check out KQED radio show here http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2008…


One comment

  1. Thank you Operation Itch!
    Pelosi is scared and should be.
    How you can help:
    Call 415-621-5027
    Get out on the Streets with us!

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