Tina Fey PWNs John McCain as Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live?

November 3, 2008

According to Liberal ViewerWhen John McCain appeared in the opening segment of Saturday Night Live last night with Tina Fey reprising her SNL role as Sarah Palin, I thought McCain ended up looking weak, ridiculous, and worst of all, like a loser as I show with the clips in this video.

I disagree- I thought McCain was funny, displayed a good sense of humor about himself and got in some points. The skit dis not make McCain look like a loser. In my opinion, it made him look like a gut who can laugh. Don’t mistake my high marks for McCain on SNL with an endorsement. I would not elect this guy to the PTA, never mind president

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  1. Funny or not, this was his lame attempt to win a young person’s vote.

  2. I think you are wrong sir.

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