With Ralph Nader on Election Night

November 6, 2008

His actual words, also uttered on FOX NEWS (and here) are: Obama has a choice- whether he will become an Uncle Sam standing up for the American people or an Uncle Tom, standing up for giant corporations that have dragged America into a ditch.


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  1. It’s clear in context that Nader wasn’t making a racist comment, but he does need to apologize for using a racial slur. Also, I wish Nader would stop using stupid metaphors generally, Uncle Sam vs Uncle Tom, Golden Lifeboats – it’s not clever. Also, if he’s serious about the citizen watchers, then no one is better placed than he is to raise funding for that. How much did he spend on this campaign? 5 million dollars or so? That could pay for 250 people to do the work he has in mind – a quarter of the number he’s calling for.

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  3. I thought this was a really good interview – and I also read Nader’s open letter to Obama as well. While I don’t agree (please don’t shoot me) 100% with Mr. Nader, I do share many of his views and I hope that our new President-Elect will take some serious pause to determine whether or not he really wishes to tackle meaningful change.

    I’m thrilled to see America elect the 1st African-American in our history – speaks volumes to the concept of hope and change – but I’m realistically skeptical and concerned about a return to apathy. There’s a lot of opportunity here for ‘energized’ people and groups to continue to push for meaningful action in both local and national government. But will we see it?

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