chanting down babylon, ep.1

December 16, 2008

zackZack CharlesOperation Itch Video   •  jump to most recent post

(lyrics below the break)


my name is zack,
this is “chant down babylon.”
rocking Op. Itch, fresh rap,
episode one.
now, you can’t claim that you
holding any knowledge on
what i’m dropping,
(yeah it’s hot,
but when’s the teaching get done?)
i ain’t said nothing yet
but gave an introduction,
bet i’m opening my flow slow,
gauging what i’m up against.
i’ll slay a bluff at best,
framing pain in plain text:
civilized slaves is insane and afraid. 

it’s the system here that brings us fear with every step we take
gonna spit this clear – i’m well aware of all the damage made.
coming, fixing mirrors on the face of every tampered ape,
say it till they shake: “100,000 acres, daily waste.”

i don’t think they heard us, we gon’ shout it from the mountaintops.
we gon’ make ’em hurt when we be pounding with the power shots
we been working slowly over generations, made a plot,
now we got ’em, reached a verdict, making every tower drop.

attacking exploitation, rape, abuse in any form,
claim consciousness,
awake and make it through the storm,
fake or ford, snake or sword,
raise your fist before you’re bored.
now, this is crazy – psycopathy’s the social norm.

don’t let your focus fall.
keep it straightened, break the wall,
give submission to the mission,
listen in and heed the call.
feed the fall, leave your job if it overcomes your role.
advice i’m giving: find the broken, fix it, make it whole.
stake a goal, pay the toll,
revenge for stolen souls.
it’s great we’re sentencing the ending of the old control

i’m saying “fuck the mold,” shatter all that nasty trash,
i’d rather be an animal than stuck a slave to stashing cash,
let’s pass the status quo fast: that’s the master plan
let’s stop disaster in the mask of flashing plastic pans
amass and smash the memes cleanly, strike a solid stance,
waking all you sleepy seeds up – that’s the task at hand

getting closer,
soldiers bump shoulders,
we’re ghosting every notion to shit, split or smolder
the potency of motion as they’re tightening the ropes
could be our only shot to pop ’em but i’m hyping up your hopes
we smoke dope, sure, but you could never call us foolish
that’s a minimizing label used to silence any truth we spit,
we’re lucid, utilizing music as a way to say,
this system is some shit, man, we better lose it.


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  1. liberal unions are crippling american business

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