Chanting Down Babylon, ep.2 • “GOOD MORNING”

December 28, 2008

zackZack Charles • Operation Itch Video Contributor • header

lyrics below the break….
dome-knocking, say it’s time to arise
we’re soul-shocked shells slowly recognizing the lies
i see the fake fate floating, painting signs of the times
there ain’t no way hope is gonna help us to find a good morning
dreaming sweet of ceasing the snoring,
it’s normal, i be screaming “see the storm as it’s forming?”
good morning, wake up before any foreman
send you straight to your grave, break the slavery courses.
good morning, 
saying it, i’m playing it back 
to the lames and the haters that’s my way to attack
good morning.
the fleets tryna wrangle us up,
we getting greek, though, making every bank blow up.

i be violent,
support copping Molotovs,
i light ’em quietly,
and torch any holocaust
i’ll fight ’em smiling,
enforcing the maul of oz,
re-wilding out, never minding the cause’s cost
i see the calling as a fine placed on all of y’all
self included, cause the truth is the dollar scars clear
but it’s evident here that every resident fears a new regiment, shit, let’s try to make it a good morning.

you’re saying, “hey this faggot is whack”
cause you ain’t straight with the facts that i lace in my tracks.
good morning.
we playing while a new day is dawning, yawning while the strength raises up from the dormant.
good morning.
passing bucks to the cats on the corners and the soldiers getting moldy while they work in the office.
good morning.
man, stand planted in the planet with your hands up chanting, watching babylon falling.


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