Top Political Moments of 2008

December 31, 2008

hermit The Hermit with Davis Fleetwood • Operation Itch Video header

 In the comments below, write the word HEADLINE and then write a single headline that you predict (or WISH) will happen in 2009. On Monday, January 5th, using the 10 best headlines- I will create a script and a video that will be the TOP TEN POLITICAL STORIES OF 2009. And then, in December of 2009, when everyone is scrambling to create their top 10 lists of the year, we can compare the list we created together, with the actual headlines that unfold. 





  1. Monsanto suit of tombstones over content, and, Israel suit for Mad’s: what me worry rights success both

  2. GLOBAL PEACE ACHIEVED. ANNIHILATORS ANNIHILATED BY THEIR OWN HANDS as a cybernetic twist of fate forces weapons and poisons everywhere to turn on their users.

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