Chanting Down Babylon, ep.3: “Beautiful Day”

January 2, 2009

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(lyrics below the break)


no stress – it’s a beautiful day
when i remember that i’m blessed in the usual ways.
though we’re mending up a mess it’s a truth it ain’t
depressing, we’re representing the unmutable grace

saddled back abreast of the musical maze
and as a matter of fact, i’m cresting off the crucialest haze.
no message – fucking with the dutiful phase has
left impressions on me, pressing like it shoots to the vein

i’m new to the pain, tryna use it, looking for gain,
futile when the noodle’s nude, i got the nakedest brain
so don’t sweat it
concentrate on loving the sunshine,
man, we gonna make it a fun night

no one right way to chill,
avoiding the dumb fights
yeah boy, like that, puff blunts, discuss flight.

and we are gon’ like everything that’s on sight
even all the hard times, struggle till we hold tight
i got the gold (nice!) rolling up the scrolls,
slicing, opening the moment to the omens of the smoke,
light choking out the darkness of the shit we sit in
i’m feeling focus on the heart and the spitted written
slanging rhymes by the fire, we rise the vibe higher
and divine solid models for the lives we living
yeah we grind for the dollars, 9 to 5 scholars,
collars different colors but we’re equally sickened
i’ll remind you, mind you find some peace or you’re tripping
to each avenger: don’t forget, we’re only speaking of giving
assistance in the form of resistance don’t be missing it
we’re only yelling for help. are you listening?

twist away from the agency,
baked or faded,
staying in some safety space
that you’ve hallucinated,
you’re fishing bullshit from the back of your skull,
packaged and molded from the mouth of mother culture
you know it
you gonna blow it
i’m totally opposed, throwing stones,
it’s good growth, though,
don’t apologize that it’s showing.

i’m going through emotional quarters,
i’m sure you got your borders and i’m mobilizing aboard ’em,
order me outta here if a mounting fear
hits your outer ear,
i never want to clouden the crowd i’m rabble-rousing near
if you giving me a minute it’s an hour,
spinning lyricism into wisdom and the power, 
finishing ’em, put it to the limit when i i’m in it,
bringing down babylon, put your fist skyward
step two, better educate about it,
doubt it, find another way to live without it
shout it, “this shit sucks, i’m ducking out it,
while you sleep, you’re killing everything around me.”
defeat the beast.
i want freedom, and i’ll be a beacon.
this ship’s leaking.
we don’t need more reasons,
step back, hear the people speaking.


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