January 5, 2009

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5 January 2009-  While none of these stories have actually happened yet, we here at operation itch believe in the cyclical nature of history. That, combined with the uncanny instincts of our YT subscribers brings you this list- edited from the many submissions from my (not another) top 10 news stories of 2008 video.

I want to encourage you take a the poll (below the video) declaring which of the following stories will end up being a top story of 2009 & use the comments to defend your thinking. Vote as often as you like, use the “add” feature in the poll to add & vote on your own predictions  & check back throughout the year to see how we are doing.

So then, in no particular order, here are the headlines, created by my YouTube viewers, edited imperfectly by yours truly. – D







  1. I would love for my fellow Californians to wig out and secede. Then, of course, We would be promptly squished by American forces and our attempt at independence would be used as an excuse for super-duper emergency executive powers, but you know what they say about the cake.

  2. […] leave a comment » Mike Alvear   •  more in SEX & RELATIONSHIPS other 2009 predictions […]

  3. Thanks Linda. I’m still thinking about the diaper thing!

  4. I believe that in the year 2009 there will be another major terrorist attack on American soil, thus giving the wars in the middle east new and rejuvinated support and funding. The wars will then broaden to envelope surrounding Middle Eastern nations, such as Pakistan and Iran.

    …funny how that works…

    Dance, puppets, dance!

  5. If you walk the bridge in a diaper, Ill make every effort to take the trip to see it!

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