Chanting Down Babylon • Ep. 4 • Make It Look Good

January 13, 2009

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(lyrics below the break)

make it look good
when you christening these memetic shifts
i know nobody agreeing with a bitch with a fist
and yeah, that’s kinda minimizing but
i’m tryna grin and grind it –
none are free till are free, that’s the truth; this is lies,
so, if you can’t stand babylon, play this in your neighborhood
dance, tag along, make some music banging wood.
this is the grand chant, sing it loudly, if you could:
whatever you do, make it look good.

i’m kinda mock-fresh,
popping all my fox meds,
camoflage into the fog
of fucked collective consciousness.
and while i’m rapping, if you happen to be catching this
i’m spitting wisdom from my verbal apparatuses.
what really matters is the fate of all this avarice
that we gotta tag before it shatters all the lattices
of life that we living off of.
everyone’s a catalyst,
ain’t no giving up
yup, raise your faith to higher statuses.
banners plastered on my brain saying, “yes you should.”
ain’t tryna make it in the game, that’s misunderstood.
i only meant to say the change ain’t never gonna take if you don’t,
whatever you do,
make it look good.

i wanna retract all the stupid shit that i spoke
it was re-hashed from something someone dumb must have smoked.
i’m tryna stay sane, reading off the words that i wrote:
this is a hurricane. we’re the seeds of stuff that’ll grow.
stuck in the road,
acknowledge that you’re ducking the load,
and if it follows suit, soon we’ll all have nothing to hold.
we’re chucking the mold,
hucking hope and luck, but we’re bold,
we got trust, yo,
whatever you do,

make it look good.
when you upping all that zionic knowledge
they turning man to machine up in their bionic colleges
let’s demolish it, abolish the system and try to polish
our mission
yeah, i’m dissing on the fakest additions
you need to listen.
ain’t nobody better than you,
but that don’t mean we can deem all the veterans fools.
i’m betting that schools 
are educating heavier rules –
we need to teach ’em so
whatever you do
make it look good.

and if you doesn’t, now i’m wishing you luck
make it official – i support you with the biggest of ups
the water’s rough, though, it’s always tough to make it alone
but if you stumble, know another brother’s taking you home.
we are the stone that the builder infused with some strength,
reading tomes that’ll still kill all of them tanks
we getting grown with it, stretching out branches like ranks
you feeling healthy? don’t forget to give thanks.

and if you’re banking on a smoother transition,
with no resistance, please remember that i’m bent on convincing
the people rinsing all they hands of any responsibility
let’s make this movement look good. are you feeling me?


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