Inside Story – Gaza protests –

January 14, 2009

From Al Jazeera English see more in NEWS & ANALYSIS   

Protests against Israel’s offensive in Gaza have been taking place around the world, in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, Africa and the Americas. Counter demonstrations by members of the Jewish diaspora have also been taking place in New York and some European cities.

Are such protests and rallies useful or useless? Will such demonstrations of public feelings and frustrations have any impact on the political and diplomatic stances their countries take in their dealings with Israel and actions and votes in the Arab League, European Union and United Nations?

Can any parallels be drawn between these protests and rallies and the anti-war demonstrations in 2003 relating to Iraq and 2001 relating to Afghanistan? Despite vocal opposition, US-led allied forces went ahead with their offensive regardless. Can taking to the streets make any difference this time round?

PART 1 (part 2 below the break)



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