Dear Barack Obama:

January 23, 2009

anitameditation-1Anita Stewart • Operation Itch Contributorheader

 Congratulations to you and Michelle for making history. Now I will be honest and tell you now that I did not vote for you. I belong to the Green Party. I and many that I know expect you to do the right thing by the American people. I would love to see you keep your promises. This cannot be just a honeymoon moment. I hope that you can lead us with the same amount of integrity, honesty and fortitude that led you to Chicago to study and serve your local community there years ago. I would love to see America respected around the world again. Can you make that happen? I have a firm commitment to make sure that I spread the word to everyone I know, that we as Americans can never, ever again take our liberty for granted. Liberty is free, but we must all do our parts to maintain it. It can disappear quickly with the simple flick of a pen to the bottom of a document. And in bits and pieces. Will you continue to do what the people want or bow to the corporations and lobbyists and powers that be? Will you do the right thing and restore those rights that were viciously taken away from us in a very calculated way, bit by bit during King George’s Reign of Terror?

  On a personal note, the following is what I would like to see happen over the next four or eight years:

All Political Prisoners released

The prison system make into a true rehabilitation system instead of a subsidized corporation

No more Rendition

Universal healthcare to all citizens

Free education for whomever wants it and this includes college or vocational school

Transparency in government (no more secret handshake deals)

Voting and the Election Process and Media Reform all getting a serious overhaul! (They all have to be revamped before we will ever again have fair elections in this country)

Ease of access and open policies regarding the process of running for office

All political parties recognized and given a fair shot during Elections and Debates

No more censorship in any form and no more spying on the American people–this is UNAMERICAN!

A ban of all weapons and this includes chemical and nuclear weapons and definitely no more exporting of the same

NO MORE WAR! And no more tax dollars funneled to war anywhere at any time.

Establish a Department of Peace

No more weapons manufacturing

Taxes based on percentage of yearly income, no more “loopholes” for the rich

No bailouts for the corporations and not even the “middle class,” the poor get taken care of first

Jobs back in the USA and American citizens hired first

Marijuana legalized

The Department of Children and Families in all states investigated for kidnapping and other crimes against children and their families

The Constitution, the Rule of Law and Habeous Corpus restored

FREE legal services provided based on a sliding scale determined by income

Green Industries, jobs and workplaces established and tax breaks for them

Green Energy and no more NUCLEAR REACTORS–the use of wind, solar, etc., instead.

A focus on Arts, Music and creativity in the schools

A woman gets to choose what happens to her and her body

A living wage for all

A home for all

Equal rights for all

Most importantly, NO MORE FEAR!

I understand that this is a long list and it is certainly not complete. I don’t expect you to undue the damage done to our civil liberties overnight. It took us this long to sink into this hole, it will take at least this long to crawl back out again. The people spoke and elected you to lead us and many have complete faith in your abilities. For America to remain America there needs to be some drastic changes. But you have given us hope and a vision for the future, Barack. For that I say, thank you! Whatever you need from me, just let me know. Now, let’s get it done!


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