CDB#5: Light it up

January 26, 2009

zack Zack Charles • Operation Itch Video   • header

(lyrics below the break)


if you hating on money, man, go on light your paper up
it’s stupid funny how we fight over our wages, bro
we think we’re gunning it but really we’re just breaking stuff
you think you’re dumb, after they stuck you with the fakest fluff
i feel it too, partner, seeping through my wallet pocket
we’re in it too far to ever think we couldn’t stop it
we struggle real hard, popping off and then re-stocking
we hit a real wall, now we gonna fucking drop it.   

we’re the illest cause we’re sickened by the cash stacks
feeling like we’re dealing with some acid-addled flash backs
if we backtrack, looking to the classics, issues facing us today like, shit i thought we passed that.
it’s still a class act, governed by your assets
sure, they try to mask it but you know what your caste is
so make a fist like this, stop relaxing flat
i’m saying slavery, baby, now is you grasping that?
we’ve amassed the facts so we be blasting back
attacking wackness and the plastic plaque
as slackers slide into the rhyme slanging, time-changing education
i’m naming mind-states needing heavy elevation
yeah we’re instigating definite investigation
data analyzed. what’s the verdict?
fuck civilization.
ok. learn the mission – smoke the message up and pass it-
burn your currency, too – now where the crash at? (right here!)

light it up twice, brother, does you see the stakes is up?
its too frightening, trust i couldn’t make this up
yeah we might die trying bringing justice, saving us
but if we fight to win it, first we must be waking up
that why i’m shouting loud, blazing like a fading rocket,
raising up amazing love, knocking hate, i know it’s shocking
unlocking major topics, claiming that i heard the call –
i’m just disgusted by the stuff. i’m tryna burn it all.




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  1. I like it!

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