The “Obama Abortion Ad”; The Super Bowl Ad Rejected By NBC

February 4, 2009

The Uptake wants to hear your voice. Submit your own video “Op/ED.” More information here:http://opinion-editorial.groups.theup…
How to submit a video
1) Have something intelligent to say
2) Record it on a video using your real name.
3) Upload it at http://www.tubemogul.com using info@theuptake.org as your log in and uptake411 as your password.
4) Send an email to info@theuptake.org telling us about your video.


One comment

  1. i completely agree with everything you just said.

    i used to get so mad when my mom would mock religions (such as mormonism) because they were so OBVIOUSLY fake. i dont get it, they are just as fake as christianity, yet she would sit there and laugh about how naive her mormon friends were

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