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May 29, 2009

Operation Itch is coming out of a winter hibernation period and is gearing up to launch THE HERMIT 3.0 on Tuesday, June 2nd.

I want to thank all of the writes & video creators who contributed content to this site while Op Itch was part aggregator, part creator. Going forward I will focus solely on content creation. I will no longer serve in an editorial role nor will I aggregate content from other sources. From this moment forward, everything on this site will be of my own creation. The Operation Itch NING is the place where anyone can post videos, stories, pics, blogs, etc. I invite one and all to join that open platform. 

Many of you followed my efforts during the time that I was fortunate enough to be working as an op/ed contributor for THE UPTAKE. I am no longer employed by that fine organization. The Uptake, like many organizations, are facing tough financial times and by mutual agreement, we have parted ways. I continue to follow the outstanding work that they do, and encourage you to do the same.

What else did my winter bring? I appeared in several plays on the Boston Stage, trained for- and completed- my first marathon (3:57 in the Vermont City Marathon on May 24th) and have been slowly making progress on a novel.

On June 2nd, BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND, I’ll dust off and retool my alter ego, Davis Fleetwood. THE HERMIT 3.0 will be a weekly long form program comprised of several shorter segments, and short each segment will also be released as a stand alone video.  Regular features of the program will include:

TOP STORIES: reportage as only your favorite Hermit bring you.
THE 9/10 PROJECT:  A Simultaneous spoof and rebuttal of Glenn Beck’s 9/12 project.
MINI-DOCS: Like to feel smart & watch documentaries, but have not got the time? All the knowledge and slow zoom on still pics of a Ken Burns documentary in three minutes or less. Extra snark included.
THIS DAY IN HISTORY: In partnership with THE UMPTEENTH TIMES, colorful historical nuggets that you never knew existed.
PNN: Public News Network is the internationally ignored producer and distributor of news, talk, and entertainment programming featuring stories that are often untold and infrequently verified. Like the major media news outlets, PNNs main purpose is to obfuscate, avoid, and ultimately sell product.
REVIEWS: The Hermit reviewing the latest movies, books, and dance recitals.
I STAY IN SO YOU CAN GO OUT:  Can’t weed out the opinion from the news or fact from fiction in the new Hermit 3.0? ISISYCGO is a tip of the cap to the old school Fleetwood fans, this segment will feature straight up the straight up rants that put The Hermit on the map in the first place.
SENRYU: A spoof on the haiku. With video.

Again, all of these segments will be released as one show every Tuesday starting June 2nd.  These videos will be posted here, and- as always, on the DavisFleetwood YouTube channel.



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