Twitter Iran: Burning Burkas

June 18, 2009

burkaAs Americans, we empathize, of course, with the protesters in IRAN. It was just nine years ago, all reasonable people now agree, that an election was stolen in this country. And the young, the educated, middle class of America were alienated in similar way to the young green progressives in Iran are today: their country hijacked, they too left their homes in droves, in record numbers and…. and… what did we do?

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  4. As a left wing extremist myself, I really have no problem offending people in order to get a point across. You seem to have a similar ethos to mine, so I’ll share an idea with you. What if WE wore a Burka? What if one day, as a protest, men and women around the world just decided to put one on and went to work.

    Would “World Wear A Burka Day” take off? Could it be an annual thing? Would it affect change? Would our bums look big in them?

    The answer to these questions and more will only be found if other people get involved.

  5. helpful post.

  6. Can I ask where you found the excellent photo?

  7. That picture that you have up there is of a niqab, not a burka.

  8. Bob- give me an fucking break. You prove we are indeed, NOT on a higher evolutionary plane.

    It was a joke, ass-hat, a joke. I use as evidence that we are on a higher evolutionary plane the fact that we suffered through the voter fraud of AMERICAN FUCKING IDOL.

    The problem with the left wing, Bob, and your problem, is that “PC” is shoved so far up your ass that you can’t even smell when I am making FUN of YOU.

  9. The Americans are on a higher evolution plane? I am just throwing in a number here, but probably 5 out of 10 Americans can’t even point to Iran on a map.

    Besides, Americans had one election stolen in 2000. Being on a higher evolutionary plane, how can you explain how Americans voted for the same guy in 2004?

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