June 26, 2009

Transcript Iranian ambassador claiming that the CIA is responsible for the murder of NEDA, below the break.
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The Iranian ambassador on CNN:

BLITZER: Are you seriously accusing the CIA of killing Nada?

GHADIRI (through translator): We say that the bullet that was found in her head was not a bullet that you could find in Iran. These are the bullets that the CIA and terrorist groups use. Of course they warned that there would be a bloodshed in these demonstrations and then they could attribute that to the Islamic republic. This is part of a common act of CIA in various countries.

BLITZER: Do you really believe that, Mr. Ambassador? You’re a distinguished diplomat representing Iran. This is a very serious accusation that you’re making, that the CIA was responsible for killing this beautiful, young woman.

GHADIRI (through translator): I’m not saying that the CIA had done this. There are different groups. Could be intelligence services, could be CIA, could be the terrorists. However, these are the people who do these things.


You could ask Mr. Andreotti, who was an Italian diplomat whether Gladitators were a secret group related to CIA or not. Now they of course they use better methods. Of course, you’re not going to say that CIA is a sacred organization that hasn’t done anything to other worlds.

BLITZER: Mr. Ambassador, why won’t your government allow people to go mourn at a memorial service for Nada, as her family has requested?

GHADIRI (through translator): We have no problem with mournings. Naturally we don’t want to provide an opportunity for the rioters to come in and make the situation worse.




  1. You mean they shoot at peaceful protesters like this..?

  2. The Iranian interviewees only were doing as they were ordered by their master and dictator:

    1) First – always blame the Jews!!!!
    2) Next – blame the CIA!
    3) Next – blame the American Government!
    4) Next – blame England!
    5) After that – you are on your own – we know nothing – nothing – nothing!!!

  3. There is plent of film footage of the Bassij shooting from the rooftops at people right when Neda was brutally shot.(case closed) There is nothing more to it.Thanks.

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