Buying some Operation Itch gear helps us continue the work that we do- and you will look great in one of these conversation starters. Wait are you waiting for? Grab some gear! 










WEAR YOUR POLITICS! Designs by Ben Poole for Operation Itch. Clicking on any of the products below will take you to a basic design menu. Once there, you can choose a wide variety of colors & styles and it can be printed several different types of shirts, hoodies, a tote bag, or even a baby onsie. You can also just go straight to the store. All Products are made with environmentally friendly water based inks and printed on AMERICAN APPAREL (see more on that at the bottom of this post) products. All of the designs below are available on a slew of products.  You could be, HELL- you SHOULD be- proudly wearing Operation Itch designs in a matter of days!        



Operation Itch proudly uses SKREENED for all of our products.

Why? Three things set Skreened apart:

1. No Sweatshop Labor

Everything Skreened offers is made in the United States by American Apparel. Since we take a strong stance against any kind of exploitive labor practices, we have chosen to print on American Apparel. Their employees are paid fair wages and have an excellent work environment. After it’s all said and done, wouldn’t you rather pay just a little bit more for the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that no one was exploited to put a cheap shirt on your back?

2. A Commitment to Our Earth

Being ‘Green’ is a convient tag company’s throw on stuff to sound environmentally responsable. We did it too! But really, There are some great things about Skreened that help keep our earth happy.

  1. On-demand printing means very little is wasted.
  2. Water-based inks that we use exclusivly are more environmentally friendly to produce.
  3. They also don’t go to waste (see point 1)
  4. We use minimal packaging to ship so you don’t have to worry about tossing or recycling a bunch of extra stuff you didn’t ask for.
  5. We recycle, at home, and the office. ‘Nuf said.
  6. We are really happy to offer American Apparel’s Sustainable Edition in lots of colors -100% USDA Certified Organic Cotton.

3. Giving, Giving, Giving

Every month, Skreened gives away 10% of our profits to great charitable organizations. It’s a part of our DNA, and our secret to growth.

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