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Has America Started to Fall Apart?

January 16, 2009

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Welcome to the Toeg Effect. This is your host, Toeg. Today we take a look at the state of the union, the American union, in these troubled times. This is a piece about what is America today, and what awaits it if we continue down this slippery slope. It is entitled:

Has America Started to Fall Apart?

If we look at the health of the country from an economic perspective, we can plainly see that America is probably as strong as it has ever been. Even though the is currently experiencing a recession, nevertheless the unemployment rate is relatively low, inflation has been kept in check, and the strength of the dollar, though weakened due to the current economic downturn, has held the top spot in the world for over a half-century. Indeed, economically speaking, the US can still be considered the darling economy of the world. It still has the world’s largest economy in terms of GDP, and boasts the biggest military by far.

But are economic and militaristic standards the only barometer by which one judges a nation?

What about its bellicose usage of that same military? What about its moral content? What about the general welfare of the people and their quality of life? What about the many freedoms that are now denied its people? Unfortunately, here is where the US woefully breaks apart and uncovers a nation with festering, open wounds in need of dire attention. When one exposes the true quality of life in the US today, the moral fiber and the liberties reserved for the people, comparisons with other countries begin to show that the US is far from the model state it tries desperately to think it is.

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