Topless And Muzzled In Italian Vogue: Promoting Film

September 2, 2009

Rhianna, Scorsesse and comedian Sarah Silverman team up &
Rhianna appears topless and muzzled in Italian Vougue to promote the project.
Hold onto your codpieces-


Open letter to the Town Hall Health Care Terrorists

August 31, 2009

Polite discussion time is over. You are either working towards a single payer system or you are a terrorist. This is Political Action Entertainment- Your Co-Pay for today’s visit is 25 dollazzzzz. For Really. Drop a Co Pay once a month here- https://operationitch.wordpress.com/about/donate

The health care debate sure has Americans talking. Seems like each administration has its own mason Dixon line diving the Regressives from the Progressives- and health care reform is that issue.

Former Presidential hopeful, proud denier of the theory of evolution, and radio blowhard Mike Huckabee joined the fray recently when he said recently honored the death of Ted Kennedy by saying

“that, under President Obama’s health care plan, Kennedy would have been told to “go home to take pain pills and die” during his last year of life.
“[I]t was President Obama himself who suggested that seniors who don’t have as long to live might want to consider just taking a pain pill instead of getting an expensive operation to cure them,” said Huckabee. “Yet when Sen. Kennedy was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at 77, did he give up on life and go home to take pain pills and die? Of course not. He freely did what most of us would do. He choose an expensive operation and painful follow up treatments. He saw his work as vitally important and so he fought for every minute he could stay on this earth doing it. “

But let us not even argue any of Mike Huckabee points. I will grant you all of them- let us shift the hypothetical argument by accepting the fairy tale world that Huckabee dwells in.
Then let me ask you this: What country would you rather live in?

The country where most of us would choose what Senator Kennedy did- an expensive operation to prolong life another year- while 1 in 6 American have NO INSURANCE- And without insurance, could they very well Mike FUCKABEE, choose like Kennedy to live out their final days in a similar manner? In country A some people much younger than Teddy die quietly because they have no insurance.

Or would you rather live in a country where everyone is covered- even if it meant that we would have to spend wiser, die more gracefully- and yes- I’ll say it again, more cost effectively- even if that meant that when one – when diagnosed with a terminal illness- at the advanced age of 70 something would have to make a cost efficient choice so that all of the 50 million without health care would have it, could have it?

I don’t want to brush over this lightly- I know this is hard to swallow. But people are dying for this. Something on the average of 20 thousand people a year. Dead because they had no health insurance.

That is more than 6x the number of people who died in 9/11.
So listen, if you knew that some foreign country would kill 20 000 American Citizens next year, you would most certainly tell me to support the troops and turn a blind eye to the billions spend by our department of defense- to avoid such a catastrophe.
And yet we see the culprit right here- our own greed- our own aversion to anything that resembles socialism- you – all of you mindless Mike Huckabee’s, you Sarah Palin soccer moms, Glenn Beck and your 9/12 minions- your reactionary zeal, your mindless lockstep zeal against healthcare reform is killing us.

You might as well bow towards Mecca, hop on a plane, hijack it and fly into the Sears tower.

6 times.

Because that is what you are doing to you own citizens you homegrown terrorist freak shows- you are killing us.

So clearly- there can be no more polite debate. Anyone opposing single payer is a terrorist.

A murderer.

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John Stewart VS. The Death Panel Bitch

August 22, 2009

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Obama: F*&k THA POLICE!

July 27, 2009

Recently, President Obama weighed in on the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates- African-American- ,saying Sgt James Crowley of the Cambridge police department “acted stupidly” when he arrested Gates for disorderly conduct. Not very Presidential, but as it turns out, legally correct.


Chris Brown Publicly Apologizes For Beating Rihanna (and why we care)

July 23, 2009

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An Orgasm a Day to keep Capitalism Away

July 14, 2009

According to an article in the times UK

A National Health Service leaflet is advising school pupils that they have a “right” to an enjoyable sex life and that regular intercourse can be good for their cardiovascular health.

The advice appears in guidance circulated to parents, teachers and youth workers, and is intended to update sex education by telling pupils about the benefits of sexual pleasure. For too long, say its authors, experts have concentrated on the need for “safe sex” and loving relationships while ignoring the main reason that many people have sex, that is, for enjoyment.

Alongside the slogan “an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away”, it says: “Health promotion experts advocate five portions of fruit and veg a day and 30 minutes’ physical activity three times a week. What about sex or masturbation twice a week?”

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Barack Obama- Wiki entry

July 13, 2009

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Barack Hussein Obama 2nd pronounced [yoo mey fahynd yoor-self in ey byoo-tuh-fuhl hous with ey byoo-tuh-fuhl wahyf and yoo mey ahsk yoor-self: hou did ahy get heer ? ] is the 44th and current President of the Unites States a position he holds concurrent with the obscure but all-powerful post of FIRST Overseer, Savior and heartthrob imposing zugzwang. TEXT acronym “fo shiz”

He is the first African American to hold the office, and he previously held positions as the junior senator from Illinois, assistant manager of the Harvard co-op bookstore in Cambridge, and boom operator and best boy for the popular MTV series Jackass.

As the star of the scripted television series, the Audacity of Hope, Barack Obama is also the first work of fiction to be elected president. The pilot episode for The Audacity of Hope was filmed at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. Now in its fifth season, The unorthodox series combines elements of reality TV, Orwellian double speak, and relies heavily on an online, “Second life” esque element and aims to merge seamlessly with what most people now view as reality.

Executive producer Norman Lear, who created such TV hits as ALL IN THE FAMILY, THE JEFFERSONS and MAUDE heads a talented team of 100s of writers who now work around the clock and all over the world.

Some critics lament that most of the writers are also lobbyists and that the show has lost the edge that captivated America in earlier seasons. LEAR alternately responds to such criticism in iambic pentameter:
“Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow!

You cataracts and hurricanoes, spout

Till you have drenched our steeples, drowned the cocks!”

Obama began his historic run for the presidency in February 2007. A massive product placement campaign with CNN, MSNBC and the Huffington Post ensured 24-hour hyperbolically orgasmic coverage for Barack for the duration of the presidential race. This combined with 150 years of built up white guilt ensured victory.

In the 2008 general election he defeated an American war hero and his running mate, a female Barbie born of a virgin who rode into town on the white horse of the apocalypse. Obama and was inaugurated into office on January 20, 2009.

All of the world worries will vanish by January 20, 2010.