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The Scratch. 29 september

September 29, 2008

Is it possible that in this historic election that the first debate featuring McBama was actually overshadowed by other news? As lawmakers prepare to vote on the $700 billion dollar bailout (and McCain maneuvers to take the credit), the House approves a trillion dollars in spending- not for the bailout, but to expand the empire.

A few people actually put their money where their mouth is, so to speak, when it comes to speaking out against the war, but most people just can’t spare a bowel movement. Others, exhausted by the marathon election cycle (I mean- I stopped working for Kucinich when his campaign shut down- 9 months ago!) have finally reached the breaking point and will go to any length not to discuss politics.

Al-Queda is not going anywhere, GWB is singing his swan song, and the GOP may have to fire this bitch soon, if stuff like this keeps popping up.

I’d say the next month is going to be pretty wild. Hold onto your hat as The Hermit breaks it all down for you.

If you have got what it take to wear this in public– I want pictures. 

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Nader sees in Obama a decline in ‘fortitude’

August 7, 2008

from the CSM 

Low-income Americans, civil rights activists ‘expect more of him,’ says the longtime consumer advocate, pursuing his fifth bid for the White House.

By David Cook | Staff Writer / CSM

Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader charged that Democrat Barack Obama has developed a “fortitude gap” and would not make the kind of president that civil rights veterans had worked to make possible.

At a Monitor-sponsored breakfast with reporters on Wednesday, Mr. Nader also predicted his own White House bid would be much stronger than his 2004 campaign, in which he garnered 0.38 percent of the national vote.

The longtime consumer advocate spoke the day after the release of an Associated Press-Ipsos national poll showing him with support from 3 percent of likely voters. Senator Obama led with 47 percent, while the GOP’s Sen. John McCain was favored by 41 percent.

Support for his fifth bid for president “will be much greater than” in 2004, Nader predicted. In the last presidential election, “the Democrats filed 24 lawsuits in 18 states in 12 weeks to get us off the ballot and harassed our petitioners. So we didn’t get on a lot of ballots.” The ticket of Nader and vice-presidential candidate Matt Gonzales, a civil rights attorney from San Francisco, will be on 45 state ballots this November, he said. Read the rest of this entry ?