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The “Obama Abortion Ad”; The Super Bowl Ad Rejected By NBC

February 4, 2009

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Our Safety And Our Ideals

January 30, 2009

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The UpTake is opening up a call for Opinion/Editorial videos. To kick this off, I am happy to say, they have brought me in to provide regular video commentary for them. We do not have a name for the show yet, and look forward to hearing ideas for the show’s name from the audience (leave your ideas in the comments). We also hope that more people feel inspired to send us “video op/eds”. To do just that, follow these instructions:

1) Have something intelligent to say; 2) Record it on a video using your real name; 3) Upload it using as your log in and uptake411 as your password; 4) Send an email to telling us about your video. 

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January 23, 2009

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Bye- Bye GITMO

Bye- Bye GITMO

Barack Obama went from becoming the first black president of the Harvard Law Review (1990) to becoming the first black president of the United States of America so quickly, that it is not a stretch to say that we have only known him as a candidate. His life, for the last eighteen years, has been one carefully modulated and expertly managed campaign. Even when he held such underachieving slacker status positions such as United States Senator, his votes, his appearances, his public statements- and even the shirtless beach photos – have all been part of the larger campaign. As a candidate, perhaps no one has ever been as good as Obama. He has been so good, in fact, expectations of his presidency are rivaled only by an Evangelical Christian’s expectation that Christ will come again to judge the living and the dead.

Like Christ, Obama is now a myth. The man will never walk in step with what we think of him, because we have projected so much onto him. Yes, it does speak well of his campaign that it was able to leverage the desperation of so many who were so horrified of our own inaction these past eight years. We needed a savior to rescue us from the shame brought on because we had, collectively speaking, done nothing after George Bush stole the 2000 election save for prop up a cottage industry that fed us a steady stream of clever anti-Bush t-shirts and bumper stickers for us to brandish on the sidelines as our President proceeded to treat the constitution as a pesky little obstacle in his way as he waged his comic book battle of good vs. evil, now let loose from the safe confines of his little village idiot of a head and leaving a trail of blood soaked deserts and unknown blowback in its wake. 

There are some who will give Obama high grades for a longer than average honeymoon period simply because the man has replaced will be remembered by history as the worst president to ever hold the office. Alfred E. Newman would have been an improvement on Bush, the subliminal thinking will go, and Obama is surely better than Alfred E. Newman. But for many, the bar is set unreasonably high. Like Christ, many praise Obama as a revolutionary. I’m more inclined to agree with Ashley Sanders, former spokesperson for the Ralph Nader campaign, who described the change that Obama has sold us as

a hazy feeling that Obama (despite all evidence to the contrary) was the peace candidate, the environmental candidate, the Black candidate, the people’s candidate. The whole production borrowed ideas that were actually dangerous to Wall Street, gutted them of danger, and resold them as ideas that were dangerous to Wall Street. It used spectacle to create the illusion that an infinity of similar options was the same thing as a meaningful choice, as real change or authenticity. It was the triumph of ideology: getting people to vote against themselves in the name of themselves.

The whole thing smacked of buying punk clothes at Hot Topic. 

As Americans, we know not where to get punk clothes but at Hot Topic, and are so entrenched in ad culture that we would not know a revolution unless it was being sold to us. Here is what is being sold to us in the first week of the Obama presidency: Obama has swept into town and takes swift action in reversing the criminal culture of torture and rendition and secret prisons by issuing an executive order to shut GITMO. This much is true.
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Open Letter to the Citizens of Israel

January 14, 2009

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This is my first video in what will be a regular weekly segment for THE UPTAKE


It’s a wonderful life, isn’t it?

December 23, 2008

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It is a testament to the filmmaking and propaganda skills of Frank Capra that even a grown male atheist like me will weep like a schoolgirl whose puppy just died when, at the very end of It’s a Wonderful Life, George’s brother raises a glass and says: “To my brother George, the richest man in the world.” The New York Times article I reference in the video, well worth the read,  is right below the video. 

Wonderful? Sorry, George, It’s a Pitiful, Dreadful Life


The classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” stars James Stewart as a man who can see the world as it would be if he had never been born. It also stars Thomas Mitchell, left, and Lionel Barrymore, center

The classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” stars James Stewart as a man who can see the world as it would be if he had never been born.

MR. ELLMAN didn’t tell us why he wanted us to stay after school that December afternoon in 1981. When we got to the classroom — cinderblock walls, like all the others, with a dreary view of the parking lot — we smelled popcorn. 

He had set up a 16-millimeter projector and a movie screen, and rearranged the chairs. Book bags, jackets and overcoats were tossed on seat backs, teenagers sat, suspicious, slumping, and Mr. Ellman started the projector whirring. “It’s a Wonderful Life” filled the screen.

I was not a mushy kid. My ears were fed a steady stream of the Clash and the Jam, and I was doing my best to conjure a dyed-haired, wry, angry-young-man teenage persona. But I was enthralled that afternoon in Brooklyn. In the years that followed, my affection for “It’s a Wonderful Life” has never waned, despite the film’s overexposure and sugar-sweet marketing, and the rolling eyes of friends and family. Read the rest of this entry ?


Nader Interview

September 17, 2008

I spoke w/ Ralph Nader recently about a wide range of topics, including the so called “progressive dilemma”, war and faith in politics, and asked him if we are living through an Orwellian nightmare. 


Ralph Nader urges you to visit Constitution Pledge to make a pledge for the Constitution.

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July 28, 2008

I’m an entertainer who happens to be passionate about politics and activism. Many of you know that I worked for the Dennis Kucinich for President Campaign creating video content, and I have had the chance to work on other campaigns, but I passed.

Operation Itch is an attempt to form a new type of Political Action Committee- imagine if were a truly progressive PAC that supported Independent and third party candidates, and did so by creating content that was as entertaining as it was inspiring.

We’re calling it Political Action Entertainment. We are not affiliated with any party or candidate and we are viewer supported.

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THE HERMIT- JULY 28, 2008: