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Shotgun Party: The Finest Trio This Side of The Rio Grande

January 7, 2009

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“Shotgun Party is definitely in many ways a crossover band,” says Jenny Parrott, lead singer and songwriter for the Austin-based trio.  “Most of our music is written by me and I love soul, R & B, vintage jazz, country and Bjork.  Chris, the bass player, is a huge bebop & Beatles fan and Katy is a classically trained violinist whose life was changed by bluegrass.  We all add very different and hopefully complimentary things to our sound.  It is hard to put an accurate name on this type of sound but we often get away with ’swing,’ ‘pop’ or ‘country.’”

click for the Shotgun Party myspace page

click for the Shotgun Party myspace page

Regardless of what name you assign to their sound, their music definitely “swings.” 

Chris Chrepp’s upright bass and Jenny Parrott’s steady strumming on the guitar provide the perfect driving rhythm for Parrott’s playful melodies, Crepp’s and Katy Rose Cox’s impressively tight harmonies and Cox’s extraordinary fiddle playing.  The end result is a combination that can put a smile on the face of even the most miserable of curmudgeons.   

In fact, it was that combination that helped the band land a residency one of Austin’s most legendary venues, The Continental Club.  It was after a CD release party that went extremely well that the band began playing The Continental on a consistent basis, eventually landing them the prestigious spot at Happy Hour. 

 You’d be hard pressed to find a better staff than the one at the Continental Club,” says Parrott.  “They treat musicians very well there.  I don’t know many clubs where the owners book the shows, come out to see the bands play and spend time at their own club.  It seems very hands on.  And of course, the caliber of the music at that club is awesome.” 

 And although Cox is the only original Texan out of the three (Parrott hails from the Northeast and Crepps from San Diego), they are all equally immersed in and dedicated to Austin’s flourishing music scene.  They only have kind words to say about their fellow musicians, as well as their fellow citizens. 

 I enjoy the quality of musicianship here.” Crepps says.  “I also love the camaraderie amongst musicians.   There’s not a lot of animosity.  From my experiences there’s a general interest in what the other bands are doing.”

 Cox adds, “People here in Austin love to dance, eat good food, swim and laugh.  There is no place else like Austin.”