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The year in film 2008

December 18, 2008

A.V. Club  • Noel MurrayKeith PhippsNathan RabinTasha RobinsonScott Tobias
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synecdochenewyork2previewNoel: Gang, a year ago at this time, we were so overwhelmed by the quality of the movies we were seeing that we actually came up with a feature where we looked back at other great years for movies, just for the sake of comparison. Well, that run sure didn’t last long, did it? I actually don’t think 2008 was a bad year for movies—I’m happy with my Top 10, and I can think of 10 to 15 more ’08 movies I’d recommend fairly strongly—but I certainly didn’t see much that I believe will stand the test of time the way the likes of No Country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood surely will. I didn’t see a lot of greatness, in other words, or even much that aspired to greatness. Outside of the daring, wonderfully confounding Synecdoche, New York, much of the real ambition in 2008 came from blockbusters like WALL-E and The Dark Knight (and even Hancock, to some extent). Those were the movies that stirred debate, and earned passionate defenders and detractors. As much as I like Milk—to name just one of the purportedly serious movies competing for our attention here at the end of the year—I don’t consider it a landmark piece of cinema that people will be discussing for decades to come.
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