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Kokesh for Congress: Healthcare Shrugged?

July 7, 2009

Intro: IVAW leader and anti war activist Adam Kokesh is now a legit contender for Congress. With the blessing and support of the Ron Paul Revolution, Kokesh is running as a Republican in New Mexicos 3rd district in 2010. The idea that the Republican party is an empty vessel came from a recent conversation between Adam Kokesh and Rand Paul. Both men are 2010 Congressional candidates. Both are libertarian Rand Paul is the son of Dr. Paul who is the man who is likely to run for the US Senate seat that Senator Jim Bunning is likely to vacate.

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October 17, 2008

Columbia University
Call C-SPAN to make sure this will be broadcast live – when you call please please please PLEASE be very nice.

Call Obama at 866-675-2008 or Call John 703 418-2008 ask them to show up, their chairs will be nice and warm – tell them this could make all the difference.

C-SPAN is this Country’s Last Media Hope

The Free and Equal Elections Coalition (FREE) and the Columbia Political Union are pleased to announce that a Presidential debate will be held this coming Sunday, October 19th, 2008, on the campus of Columbia University. 

ALL SIX of the Presidential candidates who appear on enough state ballots to acquire the 270 Electoral Votes needed to become President are invited. They are as follows (listed in alphabetical order by affiliation): 

Constitution Party Candidate: Chuck Baldwin 
Democratic Party Candidate: Barack Obama 
Green Party Candidate: Cynthia McKinney 
Independent Candidate: Ralph Nader 
Libertarian Party Candidate: Bob Barr 
Republican Party Can John McCain 

The Columbia Political Union will present the debate from 8:00pm to 10:00pm in the Altschul Auditorium, located at 417 International Affairs Building. The debate will be moderated by Pacifica Radio’s Amy Goodman, the host of “Democracy Now!”. CSPAN will cover the debate, and live radio broadcasts are expected. 

“The Columbia Political Union is committed to energizing political discourse on Columbia’s campus,” said Allon Brann, Columbia Political Union Publisher. “As a non-partisan organization, we work to provide students with opportunities to encounter and engage with political ideas across a wide ideological spectrum, and on a wide range of issues.” 

“It is with these goals in mind that we have organized this Presidential Debate: to give all candidates– either within or outside of the political “mainstream”– the opportunity to speak directly to students about their goals on the issues they deem critical for this country.” 

“We have invited all eligible candidates, and it is our sincere hope that all will participate, to ensure the substance and rigor of the dialogue which we believe is crucial at this time.” 

Certified letters officially inviting each candidate have been sent to the respective campaigns. 

The Free and Equal Elections Coalition and the Columbia Political Union await the response from the candidates. All candidates’ supporters are encouraged to contact the Presidential campaigns and urge them to attend. 

The Columbia Political Union seeks to enhance involvement in the political process, domestic and international, and draw every member of the campus community into an ongoing discussion of political ideas. 

FREE is a coalition of political parties, independent citizens and civic organizations formed to promote free and equal elections in the United States.


Derivative Markets and the 2nd Great Depression

September 19, 2008

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questions for the comments: 1. Who the hell can shed some light on this derivative market thing? 2. Is the current crisis the start of a a depression, or just a normal bump in the free market road? 3. Investment tips? 4. Is the Hermit video making style derivative of any other? 5. AC/DC- lover em or hate em?

Also – I notice there are some newbies here. If you are wondering what all of this is about, read below the fold: Read the rest of this entry ?


Ron Paul rejects McCain campaign’s plea for endorsement

September 11, 2008

Ron Paul Endorses the Third-Party Field

September 11, 2008

Brad Haynes  (Wall Street Journal) reports on the presidential race.

Rejecting a specific entreaty from the McCain campaign, Ron Paul extended his support to a field of third-party candidates this morning, highlighting their shared frustration with the two-party system.

“Presidential elections turn out to be a charade more than anything else,” Paul said, and so he urged his supporters to vote for candidates who would expand the debate beyond the major party’s platforms.

Ron Paul (far left) at a news conference with third-party candidates at the National Press Club. From left: former Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney from the Green Party, Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party, and Ralph Nader. (AP)

A phone call from McCain backer Phil Gramm yesterday was not enough to garner Paul’s endorsement and didn’t stop the Texas congressman from gathering the welterweights of the presidential race for an announcement of their common principles.

In addition to railing against the Democrats’ and Republicans’

control over national politics, Paul and his guests outlined four common principles they saw the major parties ignoring. The diverse coalition expressed their common concern over an increasingly aggressive foreign policy, the erosion of civil liberties, the growth of the national debt and commercial influence over federal monetary policy.

The candidates assembled in agreement were the Constitution Party’s Chuck Baldwin, a former officer in Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority; the Green Party’s Cynthia McKinney, a six-term Democratic congresswoman who had made a “declaration of independence from this current political system;” and independent candidate Ralph Nader, whom many consider partly responsible for Al Gore’s 2000 loss to George W. Bush. Read the rest of this entry ?


We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

August 31, 2008