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Bristol Palin Says to Teens: Don’t Get Pregnant

January 9, 2009

By Jodi JacobsonRH Reality Check

Bristol Palin may be way ahead of her mom when it comes to one of the country’s most controversial issues.

On December 27, Bristol Palin, daughter of Alaska Governor and former Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin gave birth to a healthy baby boy.  Today, Bristol, who is 18 years old and just shy of achieving her high school diploma, joined her mother in a statement on the birth of her first child, Governor Palin’s first grandchild.

Governor Palin, obviously elated with the safe delivery of her grandchild and the health of her daughter, stated;

We are over the moon with the arrival of this healthy, beautiful baby.

And, she continued:

The road ahead for this young couple will not be easy, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy. Bristol and Levi are committed to accomplish what millions of other young parents have accomplished, to provide a loving and secure environment for their child. They are both hard workers, they’re very strong, and have faith they’ve made the right decision in setting aside their own interests to make this child their highest priority.

The operative word here is “decision.”  Bristol and Levi, along with their families, made a decision that was right for them.  And the fact that they have this choice is instructive on many levels.
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Area Woman Becomes Republican Vice Presidential Candidate

December 22, 2008

WASILLA, AK—In a dramatic capper to a year that already saw her son’s hockey team go to district finals, a successful remodeling of the den, and her scoring of front-row tickets to a traveling production of the Broadway smash hit Les Misérables, Wasilla resident and former beauty queen Sarah Palin, 44, was chosen as the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee. The mother of five, who enjoys attending church potluck dinners with husband Todd, an unemployed commercial fisherman, reportedly “jumped at the chance” to become the second most powerful person in the country. “Oh, what a nice thing for [GOP running mate] Sarah [Palin],” said Debbie McInnes, who met Palin two years ago at an advanced step aerobics class at the Wasilla YMCA. “She’s such a good person, and so pretty! I think she’d be super-enthusiastic to take on that job.” Although Palin ultimately never got the chance to come within a heartbeat of ruling a global superpower and its 300 million citizens, she said she was happy enough to have beaten out the other potential Republican VP candidates, including a Nebraska receptionist and a congresswoman from Ohio with more than 20 years of political experience.


The Nine Year S*%T Storm

December 17, 2008

America for Kids • Operation Itch Video 
 For the kids, so they know what kind of hell we’ve been through over the past nine years. “He who does not know the past…etc., etc..” 


Election Eve- all over but the shouting

November 3, 2008


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Tina Fey PWNs John McCain as Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live?

November 3, 2008

According to Liberal ViewerWhen John McCain appeared in the opening segment of Saturday Night Live last night with Tina Fey reprising her SNL role as Sarah Palin, I thought McCain ended up looking weak, ridiculous, and worst of all, like a loser as I show with the clips in this video.

I disagree- I thought McCain was funny, displayed a good sense of humor about himself and got in some points. The skit dis not make McCain look like a loser. In my opinion, it made him look like a gut who can laugh. Don’t mistake my high marks for McCain on SNL with an endorsement. I would not elect this guy to the PTA, never mind president

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The Argument of the “lesser of two evils”

October 26, 2008

Today let’s respond to Noam Chomsky who talked with Paul Jay of the Real News Network recently, and among other things said that there was nothing wrong with voting for the lesser of two evils- especially if you live in a swing state. (more from THE HERMIT)

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s.o.t.d- McCain-Palin Rap!!! M.C. CAIN-Palin was the Choice

October 23, 2008

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