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Tell Your Friends, Tell Your Enemies #1

January 16, 2009

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While no one president alone can wave a magic wand and change the world, Barrack Obama has inspired the kind of hope that has people thinking big. Even if you don’t buy into the Obama revolution and think Obama espouses a foreign policy that could only be described as “the Bush doctrine, with slightly less calories” (and you would be correct) you can still dream big, can’t you?

On the eve of the inauguration, let’s create a list, if only as a social experiment, of the things we want in the first year from this administration. Express your wishes in a short phrase or sentence like “single payer healthcare” or “revoke the policy of pre-emption” or “all dogs neutered”. I’ll take the most compelling of these & create poll.

On the day after the inauguration, I will post that poll right here at Operation Itch. This should give us a clear idea of what Operation Itchers want in Obama’s first year.

Then we can put our heads together and see if we can’t achieve it. Don’t think we can get anything done together? Come on, say it with me now- YES WE CAN. – DT  ( you can read the David Swanson article I talk about here)


Barack Obama: the United States of America’s forty-forth, and last, President?

December 31, 2008

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“I’m figgering
On biggering and BIGGERING and BIGGERING and BIGGERING, turning MORE Truffula Trees into  Thneeds
 which everyone, EVERYONE, EVERYONE needs!”

– Dr. Seuss, THE LORAX

Istanbul was Constantinople/ Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople/ Been a long time gone, Constantinople/ Why did Constantinople get the works?/ That’s nobody’s business but the Turks”  – Lyrics from “Istanbul”/ They Might Be Giants

It is hard to resist the pull to join the growing bandwagon of pundits, analysts, soccer moms, and plumbers offering their advice to Barack Obama as he prepares to become the forty- third president of the United States. Not that I am hesitant to share my opinions. After all, it was this time last year that I found myself, by virtue of sharing my opinions in a few YouTube videos, sitting on the Dennis Kucinich campaign bus across from the man running for president just days before the New Hampshire primary getting paid to offer my opinions on all matters related to politics. Dennis Kucinich, with all of my help, took 1% of the vote in New Hampshire. So I don’t delude myself into thinking that Rahm Emanuel will be presenting the president elect with the cliff notes of the advice that is to follow.

The U.S. in 2010?

The U.S. in 2010?

Amid all the hoopla of the campaign mixed with the sober realities of the never ending war(s), a recession that is on the eve of a global depression and the ever increasing possibility that I will never get a job writing for The Daily Show comes the question: what if Barack Obama is not only the next president of the United States, but the last president of the United States?

Andrew Osborn, in his December 29th article in the Wall Street Journal, sheds some light on Russian academic Igor Panarin, who predicts that the United States has seen her last presidential election cycle.


Panarin is even getting requests to scribble his John Hancock (will anyone remember him?) on this map (pictured here) he created. Read the rest of this entry ?